Corporate Design 1
Name creation
Visual Identity System
Brand placement strategy
Style guide
Website, social media
Environmental designs
Packaging designs, hang tag
Designer — Kendra Legault
Pine Heart is an outdoor adventure clothing and gear company based in Canada that uses eco-friendly material in their products. With a deep love of outdoor adventure, Evelyn and Adam Reid created Pine Heart to share their passion for the outdoors. In the future, they want to diversify into adventure tourism, targeting middle income adults in Toronto. To bring their passion to life, a lively brand system was needed.
The driving ideal behind the new brand identity is "where passion meets adventure." The brand mark puts this passion in full view, with a playful heart shape and letterforms. The brand colours are bright and bold, with energetic icons to match. Excitement and adventure are reflected in the colour palette and imperfect shapes.
An important aspect of this brand system is the versatility of the components. The main icons can be used to mark different types of clothing and gear, and can be carried forward to the adventure tourism aspect of the company. Different patterns can be made with various combinations of icons and colours. Just like Pine Heart, the brand system is widely expressive.

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