In the summer of 2021, I took on the daily logo challenge! This challenge pushes designers to design a logo every day for 50 days straight. Every day, an email is sent containing brand name ideas and a theme. Read on for an idea of my progression throughout this challenge.
I started the challenge with great ambition. For the first logo, I created a 3D animation in Blender. It took so long, however, that I knew I couldn't keep doing the logos in 3D.
For day 2, I stuck to Adobe Illustrator. 
In retrospect, I could've chosen more accessible colours.
On day 4, I went back to the 3D a bit to create a cool translucent version of my personal logo. I'm starting to see a bit of a colour theme here...
For day 6, I tried something new. I made a detailed logo inspired by Extra Butter Coffee.
For the next few days, I kept trying new things. I started using Photoshop to present the logos and found free mockups online to use. I'm proud of the Vine & Berry logo for the simple yet meaningful brand mark.
"Crunch" is one of my favourite logos from the challenge. I would buy this if I saw it in a store.
At around this point in the challenge, I noticed I had become a lot speedier. I could easily get logos down in Illustrator and set them up on a mockup. I'm only showing the coloured versions here, but for every logo I had a black and white version plus the coloured version, for the word mark and the brand mark. I also displayed the logo at two sizes.
I tried new things up until the very end, choosing to try pixel art for the first time for this final logo in the challenge.
I had a lot of fun during this challenge. I got to practice with none of the usual pressure of school. I found this challenge helped me become extremely comfortable with using Illustrator and creating mockups in Photoshop. I also think working my design muscles made them stronger. In the latter half of the challenge, I realized quicker if something wasn't working, and ended up with more logos I was proud of. If you're a designer considering doing this challenge, my advice is to go for it! I'll definitely be looking for similar challenges in the future, so I can keep learning.
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