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Designer — Kendra Legault
Team mentors —
Arts Etobicoke is a community arts organization that offers events, programming, classes, and workshops. 2022 marks their 50th anniversary. For this momentous year, they were looking for a logo and visual identity to use on various material throughout the year. Their goal is to bring the community together, as Etobicoke is one of the most culturally and economically diverse communities in Toronto. As such, they wanted this identity to mark a celebration of their accomplishments. They emphasized awareness of their history and their place in the community.
The design solution my team presented was a bright, lively identity that emphasized the use of simple shapes coming together to make a whole. This design reflects the way Arts Etobicoke's storied 50-year history shaped their strong presence today. The 50-year logo can be used standalone, or with the existing Arts Etobicoke brand marks, as shown below.
This anniversary identity extends beyond the logo as a distinct gradient map treatment given to historical Arts Etobicoke photos. The shapes used in the logo can be used separately as graphic elements across the brand materials. This versatile brand application can be expanded forward into the year as new projects take shape.

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